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What not to sell on Sissotraders

Prohibited Products Policy

Prohibited products cannot be listed or sold on Sissotraders’s Marketplace. As a Marketplace seller, it is your obligation to understand and comply with all of the legal requirements and Sissotraders Marketplace policies governing the sale of your products. Products that are not included in this policy must still comply with all applicable laws. This Prohibited Products Policy is subject to change.

List of Prohibited Products on Sissotraders Marketplace

product Discription
  • Alcoholic beverages or products of any kind, including powdered alcohol
  • Collectible alcohol
  • Empty collectible alcoholic container not identified as empty in the description
  • Non-alcoholic wine and beer
  • Animal organs or animal corpses that contain organs
  • Elephant traps, steel jaw leg-hold traps and similar items
  • Ivory, manufactured items with more than 5% of actual ivory, bones from animals that produce ivory
  • Live animals, insects and other wildlife
  • Parts or products from endangered or threatened species such as buffalo , lions, cats, dogs.
  • Products prohibited from sale under the laws of Zambia.
  • Unauthorized copies or reproductions of artwork that violate any copyright or trademark
  • Artifacts
  • Fossils
  • Geological formations
  • Relics
  • Remains
  • Sacred and tribal items
  • Drivers licenses and other government-issued ID documents
  • Motorized vehicles that require registration
  • Police cameras or other detection sources
  • Products designed to affect traffic signals or block detection by red light cameras
  • Toll booth systems
  • Vehicle Identification Number plates
  • Products intended to conceal or obscure a license plate
  • Products or compilations using unauthorized photos
  • Autographs or signatures of any type
  • Unauthorized reproductions
  • Any items that violate another’s trademarks or copyrights
Computer / Game Console
  • Any boot disk, card, emulator, or loader with virus
  • Hardware, software, or books that enable the circumvention of copy-protected digital products
  • Any device(s) that replace existing technology in a video game or game console
  • Any cosmetic products that require a prescription or a medical professional’s supervision or direction for their use
  • Any opened and used products
  • Any products with tampered packaging
  • Any products that don’t comply with ZABS requirements including labeling
  • Expired products
  • Products containing controlled substances
  • Bullion
  • Counterfeit coins, bank notes, bonds, money orders, securities, stamps, and equipment used to make those items
  • Securities, credit, notes, liens, portions of ongoing business, insurance, non-cancelled collectible stock certificates
Digital Goods
Drugs & Medical Devices
  • Controlled substances
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Illegal drugs and narcotics
  • “List I” chemicals or their derivatives as designated by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)
  • Products that are subject to regulatory action or criminal enforcement
  • Drugs, devices, or other products that require prescription or medical professional’s supervision or direction for their use
  • Products that do not have the required regulatory approvals
  • Products that have been recalled
  • Products that simulate the effects of any illegal drug
  • Foods deemed unsafe or adulterated (e.g., recalled food items)
  • Expired food
  • Foods that contain drug claims
  • Non-shelf stable food that requires refrigeration
  • Any funeral items, including caskets, funeral urns and grave markers
  • Any chemical substance or compound that is intended for commercial, industrial, or professional use only and is not available for general consumer purchase
  • Products prohibited from sale by the ZABS or other regulatory agency due to its hazardous status
  • Explosives
  • Fully regulated items
  • Radioactive or contaminated material
  • Baby crib bumpers, crib liners
  • Any products encouraging or enabling illegal activity
  • Any products that violate applicable laws
  • Any products that contain viruses, trojan horses, spyware or malicious code
  • Stolen or counterfeit products
Infringing Products
  • Products that violate or infringe upon any intellectual property right or other third party right
  • Jewelry that does not comply with applicable laws or regulations
  • Jewelry containing clarity-enhanced white diamonds
  • Loose gemstones
  • Jewelry that contains conflict minerals
  • Products that display explicit nudity or vulgar language
  • Products that contain obscene material, sexually suggestive, or pornography
  • Products that contain nude or partially nude images of minors.
  • Products that either portray, glorify or promote in an insensitive way:
    • animal cruelty
    • any historical or news events
    • criminal or illegal activity
    • derogatory stereotyping based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality
    • hatred
    • intolerance
      natural or man-made disaster(s)
    • tragedy
    • violence
  • Products marketed to or targeted at kids or teenagers that are age-inappropriate.
Plant, Plant Products, Seeds
  • Illegal plants, plant products, or seeds
  • Plants, plant products, or seeds subject to local government quarantine or other restriction
  • Plants, plant products, or seeds that are considered to be a controlled substance
Recalled Items
  • Any product that has been or currently is subject to a recall
  • Any product that is age-restricted by law
  • Any products that in Sissotraders’s discretion are not appropriate for sale including, but not limited to:
    • adult products
    • gambling products
    • government-issued documents and products
    • military and police related items
    • novelty lighters
    • refurbished products that do not comply with Sissotraders standards
  • Any product that cannot be sold in Zambia under applicable laws
  • Beta codes
  • Beta keys
  • Beta software
  • OEM software
  • Refurbished software that is not preloaded on refurbished hardware
  • Tickets (digital or physical) to events of any kind
  • Cigars
  • Cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes
  • Other tobacco/nicotine products including collectible tobacco and collectible tobacco products
  • Airsoft, air guns, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, replica/imitation guns, or firearms of any type
  • Ammunition of any type (including pellet, BB, air gun, paintball, sling shot ammunition)
  • All varieties of clips and magazines
  • Axes and machetes marketed as weapons that are not purely ornament and are not designed for home improvement, hunting, camping, or other similar recreational use
  • Badges of any kind, whether real or reproductions, including concealed weapons permit, government agency or department, private security company, private investigator, special event, and movie prop badges
  • Badge patches
  • Balisong, butterfly, gravity, automatic, out the front, paratrooper, push dagger, switchblade (and replica/imitation switchblades), stiletto, shobi-zue or slasher knives, boot knives or any knives that are hidden or disguised
  • Barrel shrouds, forward pistol grips, and threaded barrels for semiautomatic pistols
  • Bayonets
  • Brass knuckles, leaded canes or other leaded sticks, nightsticks/billy clubs, nunchuks, saps/blackjacks, kunsari-fundo, sansetsukon, throwing stars
  • Claws or spikes that attach to the shoe, other clothing item, or any body part
  • Dart guns
  • Explosives
  • Firearm frames, receivers, firearm kits, assault weapon parts/accessories/instructions/blueprints (even if they can be used with non-assault weapons)
  • Grenades and grenade launchers of any type (including airsoft and paintball)
  • Law enforcement ID cards or credentials
  • Pepper spray/mace
  • Pistol conversion kits
  • Silencers and flash suppressors
  • Sling shots
  • Stun batons, tasers, and disguised stun guns
  • Sword canes and swords that are not purely ornamental and are marketed as ready for use as a weapon
  • Tear gas
  • Weapons designed to be concealed