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Sell better with Sissotraders Marketplace

Sell with confidence

Our exclusive, invitation-on our marketplace
for all sellers promotes a professional
community and experience.

Boost your sales

Our tools and resources help you optimize sales
and see your products sale, while interacting with associates who care.

Connect to Million of people

Experience the power of the Zambia’s largest
retailer while keeping your unique identity.

Selling Fee

Per-item fee


When you list an item for sale, we charge a percentage (%) per sale and for now listing is free.
When your item sells, Sissotraders collects the amount paid by the buyer (including the item price and any shipping, or other charges) to all products sold by Individual(Vendors) Sellers. And we pay the vendors after the product as been delivered to the customer.

# Product Category  Referral Fee Percentage 
1. All Categories 6%